Retirement of both of my phone...


finally both of my phone broke...
my next target still not yet on the market..
now using a phone with half of the screen is black..

through a friend introduction
i know one seller who still have the old stock of
Motorola V3xx
which i fall in love with it long time ago
planned to get 2 of it
while i am waiting for the launched of samsung phone
one is charcoal grey and another is platinum

both color also look nice
and it price quite acceptable.
hope to get it soon.

.. END ..



HaPpy Chin3se NeW YeaR 2011


~ END ~


To myself


一个人慢慢的变得成熟,慢慢的变得深沉。 ­



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .


Penang Trip 20 - 21/1/2011

Finished 2 day trip with my beloved friends
they are Sam Kar Wei, Sam Chin Fei and Nelson Leong
initially had 7 persons but ended with 4 persons due to some reasons
but it is still a great trip.

We go to eat many delicious foods
such as :

and we found a special restaurant cafe
name called:

quite special decoration but the drink is too little in my opinion.

Besides, i bought 8 clothes in this trip
quite costly for me
RM450 gone in 2 days
first time burned money like this
sorry mummy. =p

At last, i would like to apologized to Kar Wei
that i shopped until forget the time and made her miss the dating with her friend

To myself :
"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment"

~ END ~




Wake up in the early morning
pack all my belonging
waiting for going back to Kampar

A new semester life is waiting me over there
will it be Fun, or Hard?
i dunno
just feel it will be very x 3 important to me
as this is the only last semester for me in Utar
feeling sad to think bout it

i remember
At first
i was panic when hearing my course are moving to Kampar
what a old folk place izit
no entertainment, no shopping, no bowling
but now
i will not complaint
i really miss this place
gt fresh air, nature view, cow shit everywhere
and a place full of precious memories with my uni-mate

and now
i left half more year
i will leave this place
i will start my working life forever or may b continue to studying ACCA
i should pass the day i left with a happy mood

Win a few, lose a few. That's life——有得也有失,生活就是如此。

- END -



February Target




new life


everything like wat you said
we just friend, no more
i will put it down and let it go
and hope u can get a better person out there

uni will reopen
time to start a new life in 2011
no more such childish thinking
i am unable to pay anything for it
i love myself more




Forth day in year 2011
i woke up quite early
for what purpose
i also dunno

searching youtube
finding a song that quite nice

we really dunno what is our partner requirement
this may cause a misunderstand
it may have big, or small effect
depend on how your partner think

"love-you can give much
but dunno what i need"

this sentence quite good
reflect you and me
we are blind when enter into relationship
reality call us to wake up
what a sad case...



All about myself


This post is to discover whether I really understand who am I

My name is Alan Ng
Birthed in Muar, Johor at year 1990/5/26
Is a Gemini male and a
Malaysian stay in Serdang
Currently study in Utar, Kampar, Perak
Have six family members
which is daddy, mummy, me, younger brother and 2 little sisters
I came form a normal family
and my characteristic is
A normal person with normal thinking

I like to sleep, may because i feel peace when i sleep
I like to stay alone in room, may because i like the loneliness when i am down
I like to study, may because i do not want to disappointed my parent
I like to smile, may because it may cover a sad side of myself
I like to travel, because it give me more knowledge
I like to talk, may because i feel the attention from other
I like to play, may because i am energetic
I like to share, when i think the person is important to me
I like to eat with a gang of friend, because i scare of the feeling eat alone
I like to shop, because i can discover a new things around my life
I like to pretend, may because i want to keep my image infront of other
I like to lie, may be I am trying to protect myself from hurt by other
I like to jealousy, may because i lack of the things other have
I like to be quarrel , may because i like the things
I like to be stupid, is because i dunno what to face the truth
I like to be wordy, because i care for the things
I like to control other, because i like to feel of power..? may b
I am hot-tempered, because my eye make me to do so
I am mean, because i know how hard to earn money
I am a plagiarism, because i cannot think critically
I am selfish, because i care for my feelings
I am arrogant, because i think i am unique person in the world
I am lazy, because i am a worm
I am over self confidence, because i think i have goodwill inside myself
I am a dirty person, i lazy to do housework
I am cranky, when i feel unsafe
I am capricious, because i need you to make me smile



what else?
bad things more than good..
too many until cant remember jor..
any comment you would like to give
please dun hesitate to drop down

"Love is when you take away the feeling, the passion, the romance, and you find out you still care for that person. —— 所谓爱,就是当感觉、热情和浪漫统统拿掉之后,你仍然珍惜对方。"



2010, Brand new year


To do list 2010:

- Get at least 3.5 for last semester
- Get a satisfactory job before i study for ACCA
- Get a new car if my salary is enough to pay for a car loan
- Buy myself a samsung galaxy s when birthday
- Having 2 family trip if possible
- Having a 3 day 2 night trip with secondary school friends
- Having graduation trip with my uni-mate
- Having a miracle trip in the Xmas 2011 in oversea
- other.. updated later~~

每一次"我没事"背后都还是有那么一点伤痛……" ( 微博)

. . End . .


2010 past, 2011 come



simple to tell, but hard to implement
you can just simply tell anybody in this world that you love them
but you cannot give them the feeling of love

Last night
playing Tarot in my friend's house
it give me some suggestions for the problem that i am facing now
although it may seem like a minor suggestion
but, it may be useful in the future, who knows?
one of the suggestion i felt most incredible
" i feel no confidence in-front of the person i like"
it might be true
i am not handsome, not rich, not intelligent....
lot of weaknesses
why will you like me?
i am very curious for the reason

too far from me
a long-distance relationship
which i failed to maintain last time
which i feel unstable and worried
which is
lack of face to face communication
lack of time for hang out or be together
lack of understanding for each other
lack of .....
lot of things
we can only keep in touch with each other through the social networks and communication devices
which is the virtual medium that is lack of feeling
anything i would like to share with u immediately, but u unable to receive
anything i would like to hear from u, i need to wait
when i need you, you not around
when i miss you, you not by my side
so . . . . .
should i proceed into this relationship, or just let it go
i think only god will know

tomorrow will be a new day for a brand new day
i am here to wish all my family members and friends that having a nice day
and all your dreams shall be come true and wishes can be realize soon..
and you
i am waiting for you..

****** HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 *******



I have participate in microsoft contest
can u help me to click the link below:

just a simple step,
sign in ur hotmail id,
then it complete...
thanks a lot!

By the way, u will also have a chance to win the same prize too.. =)
This is not virus, dun worry..

Help to spread to your friend and help me to ask them vote for me.. thx..

have a nice day,

Alan kai




I want to hold your hands and walk a mile,
don't want to miss u, even a while.

My life is so beutiful coz
Dear, its you.. My LIFE.

Hug me for my worries to die,
my tears to dry and,
my loneliness to fly.

It hurts me to know,
how i sometimes can be little selfish,
when it comes to you.

I am getting sentimental over you!
for good sake explain me why all these.

I miss you every moment of the day.
I keep me awake just to listen you.
I keep me empty just for you to fill.
I keep me alive just to see you.

My morning miss you,
my evening seeks you,
Where were you all these years?
why you weren't there to wipe my tears.

Fear of future is worse than pain of the past,
still i bother the least coz u are there.

Even seconds are too long to miss you,
I want to hold your hands and walk a mile,
don't want to miss u, even a while.
I LOVE you.

' 你听到吗?我的心正在说爱你,





Start T.Sina by opened an account..
Found out quite large number of artists are joined.
Keep updated my status..
because still fresh with it~~

. END .





Time to improve my internal soft skills, guilty when said this...
I have joined 2 programmes called 'global warming' and 'deal with difficult colleague'.
Although i try to concentrate on both programmes, but my tiny drawing book get my attention most..
(keep on draw my favourite things - car car~~)
Beside that, i also know some of the friends from public relation, they are nice and sweet.. =p

At night,
i have the pleasure to try Mr. Lee cooking skill, the food not bad [ at least can eat, not waste.. =) ]
something make me angry,
not because of the dinner or people who having dinner with me,
also not because i lost in mahjong,
it is because the TNB release the fake information,
said the electricity of whole kampar area will be shut down from 12 am - 4am,while it is not, just affect certain areas..
make me sleepless.. =.= swt...

Today is Sunday, a brand new week..
but sleep until so so late and missed the time to go for church~~
sorry jessue and maria,
i will go next week.. please forgive me~~ =p

' 知人知面知己知彼又知心 ,古人说这就是所谓知音 '



Sunday, a great resting day..
since all the tests and assignments have finished,
is time to clean up my room and wash my lovely little car.

but, the gecko shit on the top of the car after i was..
what d...
feel like find it out and slap it.
=) hehe..

And today weather quite cold..
rain for whole day..
good for movie and sleep~

Doaremon whole day, damn fun~

-- End --


Jolin - My idol


Jolin's new album " Myself " is coming..
she has become more and more pretty and sexy as well....

here is the 2 mv that have been official by the company.

(1) 美人计

(2 )玩愛之徒 ( Love Player )

"你好朋友界限太难以理解 , 暧昧该一枪击碎 "


Time to clean up all the dust in my blog.. Ne Life Begin.!!

About 4 month did not touch this blog.
Some of my friends asked me whether i am still using this blog..
Of course i using, just lazy to update..

Start from today, my new life begin..
I should do those tasks what i plan before and what i left behind..

Phrase of the day:

" 今日事,今日毕"


Behave yourself before i know the fact..

ps: Alan get mad because the line DAMN slow..
( because all of his house mate can use, but he cant. And this is not his pc problems, when he use other line the pc worked... can somebody tel me the reason?)



Stress is coming~~~


Start from this Saturday,
All my midterm and assignment due date are coming...
Make me feel stress only..

~ END ~


I-pod collection~~


Left ipod shuffle...
who want buy it for me..?
because the above al belong to my family but not me..

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


RCM Jan 2010

11012010 ~ 15012010

Before start for the new semester,
i have joined a activities called Registration, Campus Tour and Mass Call
as a assistant campus tour manager.
I have join this orientation event 2 times since my degree year 1 semester 2.
But this time some of the things have been change,
but based on our strong teamwork spirit,
the event was going smooth.

although we might have a bit disagreement due to different point of view,
but i think that the miss-understanding between 2 party should clear after the event..
we must think that..
" It is hard to join us together to do a event.."
wil it be better if we think like this..? =)

By the way,
this is the first time i went out for a trip with the organizing committee before a day of the event..
we went to teluk intan for movie, den chip chat at McD and eating the famous 'zhu chang fen'

overnight at Meya's House...

the next morning we went for the teluk intan tower...
having sushi king for out lunch...
adn eating the sushi + alot of wasabi cauz the wasibi is FREE..??

wow.. no stress at all..?
or all of us going crazy,...? haha..

and not forget the Sunway Tambun + Ipoh one day trip~~

Thank you for my lovely team that have giving me a very memorable time..
i love you all

Photo section :

Photo of the Day:

~~ END ~~


wow... about 3 month didnt touch my blog....


Is time to Clean up my dirty blog~~
so fast 3 month past...
and so many things happened thought my life...

New Year 2010
Rcm jan 2010
new semester ( Y2S3 )

the following updated will be the RCM jan 2010
remember to keep in touch with my blog lor~~

2010 will be awesome...
and will have a colorful life ~~



First week of new semester...


Finally first week passed..
ans yet,
i recover from sick, and for my laptop too..
reformat it jor...
but lost all my important data...

never mind, treat it as a new start....
forward to new life...

This semester i only take 2 subject which are
IT for management and Entre..
hope can get better result due to last semester really did badly...
and i heard that that the PTPTN will become scholarship
if get first class owner...
izit real?..


i hope can get it and have extra money to spend..

Start clean my room...
too messy + dirty..

~ END ~




So fast my 3 week holiday has passed...
and the new semester started...
and yet, i get my last sem's result...
a bit disappointed with that cauz it still far form wat i expected..

Quite bad luck recently,
start sick since first day of the new semester until today..
suffering much....
and my laptop too..
i format it without backup...
how CLEVER am i... wuwuwuwuuu....



Facebook, i didnt log in for few days because i cant on9..
quite missed it..
finally yesterday nitez i found that i can use wireless to on9..

Starting to planning what should i do for next few weeks...